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Log Your Point for #SEIAD6

Checklist to make sure you have everything that you need

Joe Fiems Land Surveyor

Ready to Submit a Point

Make you have the following before you submit a point

You are only using Survey Grade GNSS/GPS equipment

  • You have set up on a known point for which the exact location is documented.

  • You have taken a photo of your setup and ready to send with point data.

  • (Optional) You recorded a short video of your process.

Process in 3 Steps


Set Up and Collect GNSS Data

In order to participate in Survey Earth in a Day 5, you must have access to Survey Grade GPS equipment and data collection device. We are interested only in data from devices which produce high accuracy results. No Cellphone or other GPS device is acceptable.


Submit Your Collected Data

All data submitted to Survey Earth in a Day will be post-processed using RINEX. You can send us the raw data through the provided interface. If you plan to host a team of co-workers or student surveyors you can zip the data and send it to


Upload a Photo of Your Setup

You can also submit a photo of your setup and data collection to LSU Photos or through the mobile interface of LSU at for our Survey Earth Photo Contest which will be occurring at the same time as the event.